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Right AI Laws, to Right Our Future
Join the Global Grassroots United Front
#WeStakeOutAI #HaltDeepfakes

Evidence shows that using AI (like ChatGPT & other AI tools) is like harnessing fire:

Controlled, AI is Transformative;

Uncontrolled, AI Causes Devastation

 Unchecked advanced AI threatens our jobs, our safety, even our existence as human beings.

82% of U.S. adults agree: it's time to slow down and deliberate. Learn more about our Global Grassroots United Front, advocating for right artificial intelligence laws for safer AI.

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Don't Get Scammed by Deepfakes

What is AI Deepfake Technology?

Top Deepfakes Examples, Detection Tactics & Insights to Avoid Getting Tricked or Scammed

Date: Thu, Feb 22, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm EST

Meet Online with Rep. Ted Lieu's Office & Share Your Concerns about AI

Congressman Ted Lieu, representing California's 36th district & recognized as one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in AI wrote: "I'm a Congressman who codes, and AI freaks me out."

Date: Thu, Feb 29, 2024
Time: 3:00 pm EST

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risks Highlights

AI has enabled amazing inventions across many industries, but the harm it has caused and continues to do is also undeniable. Learn more about AI risks, such as hacking, impersonation, political manipulation, and more here.

Workforce Replacement

Industry-wide job losses overnight

A report by Goldman Sachs says AI could replace an equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs. Multiple professions have already lost their income overnight because of AI. That's years of schooling, years of experience in the industry, years of hard work replaced in the blink of an eye.

Financial Scams

Fake images & deep fake audios/videos

During 2018-2021 alone (when deepfake technologies were still mediocre), there was an approximate tally of $36 million scammed (counting only high-profile deepfake attacks). These types of scams have increased in frequency and in amount due to improved AI without regulations.

Human Extinction Risks

AI experts and the U.N. warned AI poses a threat to humanity on a par with "nuclear war"

The development of superintelligent AI poses human-extinction risks if such AI is not aligned with human values or if it becomes uncontrollable. This could lead to scenarios where AI systems make decisions detrimental to human survival.

Right AI Laws, to Right Our Future

Help us stake out AI #WeStakeOutAI. Together, the Safer AI Global Grassroots United Front (SAGGUF) can influence governments around the world to pass the right regulations, and policies to govern AI, making AI safer for humanity.

Our Contributions

Researched the 'Scorecard' of AI Governance Proposals

Presented at the first ever International AI Safety Summit (held in the UK in 2023), the ‘scorecard’ we researched is listed on page 3 of The Future of Life Institute's proposal

United States Copyright Office: AI & Copyright

Comment on the use of copyrighted works to train AI models, the appropriate levels of transparency with respect to the use of copyrighted works, and the legal status of AI-generated outputs

Educational Webinar Event for the Hollywood Actors

Co-hosted a grassroots educational event for SAG-AFTRA members (not an official SAG-AFTRA event) with actor and singer Melissa Medína titled: "How to Prevent AI from stealing your Job"

Can a Grassroots Movement Really Make a Difference? What Can the "Safer AI Global Grassroots United Front" #WeStakeOutAI Movement Achieve?

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Frankly, our team alone cannot do much. We are small potatoes. We can do our best to present the evidence, but alone against the giants, we don't stand a chance.

That's why YOU are so important.

The only way we can affect change is with your help. History shows that there is power when people band together, and we strive to be the grassroots support that good policymakers and politicians can rely on to affect change. Your contribution, whether big or small, will help us mobilize and inform everyone else about the crucial AI risks that are harming humanity now and will do so in the future.

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Ready to Make a Positive Impact? Yes, Together We Can Create Change & Demand the Right AI Laws 

United as one, we can ensure AI development is safer for us, for our children, for our children's children, and for humanity as a whole.

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