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Right AI Laws, to Right Our Future
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Be an AI Safety Advocate & Unleash Your Influence for Safer AI Laws & Policies

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.” - Henry Ford

In addressing AI risks and threats, which affect every human in every industry, of every age, and everywhere, we need everyone involved in spreading the word and raising awareness.

If a 74-year-old #WeStakeOutAI advocate can contribute with mouse clicks, so can you!

Your Contributions to Creating a Safer AI World Will Be Forever Remembered

Every month, we update our public recognition page to honor those who have surpassed the #WeStakeOutAI rank required points through their advocacy (share & refer) or donorship directly to StakeOut.AI, contributing significantly to a safer AI world. Their efforts are pivotal in fostering safe and responsible AI practices for a brighter future.


Take 59 Seconds to Share & Ignite a Domino Effect for Global Change

You are more influential than you realize. And your influence can paved the way to the right AI laws & regulations to secure your family and humanity's future.

“If we are connected to everyone else by six degrees and we can influence them up to three degrees, then one way to think about ourselves is that each of us can reach about halfway to everyone else on the planet.”
​― Nicholas A. Christakis

How it Works

The Advocacy & Donor Recognition Wall honors individuals (or organizations, just specify below as @CustomDisplayName), who have either [1] referred people to #WeStakeOutAI or [2] donated directly to StakeOut.AI.


Every month, we will combine the two factors to advance the public recognition wall to the next rank, if the required points are met.

​To empower and inspire other advocates and donors, choose your @CustomDisplayName to feature on the public recognition wall when you achieve the Advanced Class:

For the Expert Class or Above:

Don't worry, you can always email us later to change your @CustomDisplayName or link.

We reserve the right to refrain from using inappropriate links or @CustomDisplayNames. In such cases, we will email you to update your feature name & link.


[1] Enter your email into any form on StakeOut.AI. Afterward, simply share links to refer others. Click here for details on how to share & refer.


[2] Please use the same email you provided in the @CustomDisplayName form when donating


[3] Every month, we will add [1] and [2] together to calculate the total lifetime verified referrals + the lifetime dollars donated


[4] We'll promote your rank on the public recognition wall to the next level once you have acquired the required rank points

The 15 #WeStakeOutAI Ranks

Points = Lifetime Verified Referrals + Lifetime $ Donated

Starter Class
e.g. 2 people referred + $20 USD donated = 22 = AI Awareness Agent

  • ​Observer [Points Required = 1]:
    A passive observer, with no active role, merely witnessing the unfolding events in AI risk.
  • AI Awareness Agent [Points Required = 10]:
    Begins the journey of understanding AI risks, initiating awareness and engagement in the field.

Intermedia Class

  • ​Novice Analyst [Points Required = 25]:
    A beginner in the field, learning to analyze and understand AI threats.
  • Diligent Advocate [Points Required = 47]:
    Committed and persistent in advocating for measures to protect humanity from AI risks.
  • AI Risk Mitigator [Points Required = 97]:
    Actively involved in reducing and managing AI risks, a role of significant importance.

Points = Lifetime Verified Referrals + Lifetime $ Donated

Advanced Class
e.g. 200 people referred + $400 USD donated = 600 = Competent Defender

  • Shield Bearer [Points Required = 247]:
    A steadfast defender, unwavering in their mission to shield humanity from AI dangers.

  • Competent Defender [Points Required = 497]:
    Skilled in defending humanity against AI risks, recognized for their crucial role.
  • AI Ethical Overseer [Points Required = 997]:
    An expert ensuring AI development and deployment adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Expert Class

  • ​Champion Protector [Points Required = 1,997]:
    A distinguished and valued defender, championing the cause of protecting humanity from AI risks.
  • Cyber Harmony Director [Points Required = 4,997]:
    An elite leader adept at integrating AI with society to promote harmony and avert conflict.
  • AI Policy Architect [Points Required = 9,997]:
    A strategist designing comprehensive global policies for responsible AI governance.

Points = Lifetime Verified Referrals + Lifetime $ Donated

It's a fact that not many people (or organizations) will achieve the Elite and Pinnacle classes. Thus, should the opportunity arise in our media or press interviews, we will try to give public shoutouts, so the world knows of your elite contributions.

Elite Class
e.g. 500 people referred + $25,000 USD donated = 25,500 = Global AI Diplomat

  • Global AI Diplomat [Points Required = 19,997]:
    Facilitates international cooperation for a unified approach to AI development and risk management.
  • Voice of the Voiceless [Points Required = 49,997]:
    A prominent spokesperson advocating for humanity's safety and rights in the realm of AI.
  • Harbinger of Peace [Points Required = 99,997]:
    A visionary leader championing a future where AI is synonymous with peace and positive growth.​

Pinnacle Class

Guardian of Humanity [Points Required = 199,997]:
The ultimate protector, pivotal in averting catastrophic AI disasters and safeguarding humanity.

How to Share & Refer Other Advocates to Join the Movement to Create Safer AI Laws

Step 1) Enter your email to automatically generate referral links

In fact, filling out any short form at StakeOut.AI will register you into our system, ensuring you get credit for every referral.

Step 2) Click on any of the social sharing icons on our website

Step 3) Kickstart the domino effect using your favorite sharing method, and earn points for each new advocate who joins #WeStakeOutAI


Note: mwr=583b6153 is an example. Once you click on a share button, your unique referral code will be automatically added to each link for your convenience. This guarantees that you will receive credit for every referral you make.

Step 4) Check your points, track your referrals, and monitor your real-time progress below as you drive global change.

Step 5) Once you level up to the Advanced Class, you'll see your @CustomDisplayName on the #WeStakeOutAI Recognition Wall.

Q: What if I shared my referral links (steps 2 and 3) before I submitted my email (step 1)?

A: No problem at all! You'll still get credit for any referrals made before completing step 1. Just make sure to submit your email as soon as you can, using the same browser where you shared the links with our social sharing buttons.

Q: What if I have further questions about how the referral program works?

A: We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us and don't hesitate to ask us anything. We are here to support you.


Thank you for making a significant impact on our generation and future generations by sharing the #WeStakeOutAI movement.

Your efforts are having a direct influence on reducing AI risks and creating a safer world for you, your loved ones & humanity as a whole.

Dr. Peter S. Park

Director & Co-founder, StakeOut.AI
​​MIT Postdoc in Max Tegmark's Lab (Recognized in TIME's Top 100 Most Influential People in AI)


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