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AI-driven Job & Employement Replacement

Are You at Risk of Being Replaced by AI?

Read some highlights of what the experts are saying about jobs being replaced by AI

In a Forbes.com, Jack kelly reports

Goldman Sachs Predicts 300 Million Jobs Will Be Lost Or Degraded By Artificial Intelligence

Economist Daron Acemoglu predicts that without a course correction,

a very large number of people will only have marginal jobs, or not very meaningful jobs

In a survey by edX, an online education platform, found that executives predict

a drastic change in workforce skills relevance, with about 49% of current skills predicted to become obsolete by 2025 due to AI

Philosopher Aaron James goes further, and predicts that

in due course at least, [AI] really might cause lasting structural unemployment on a mass scale

In Aaron James' Scenario

...jobs are steadily automated, year after year

In the old days, for every job destroyed, a new one was eventually created, leaving total employment more or less unchanged.

Now deep-learning machines, aided by clever entrepreneurs, race ahead and do the new tasks as well...

...Many people — most people, even in their prime years — simply can’t find tolerable work and stop looking.

Why is this happening?

Because an extremely small number of overconfident AI companies are working to replace most human livelihoods, without the public consent.

Furthermore, Google's AlphaCode 2, as reported in its technical report

Now outperforms 85% of human participants at programming competition questions

This development signifies a substantial shift in the job landscape, where even highly skilled roles are at risk of automation.

AI companies are racing to be first-to-market with such AI systems, with the prospects of large profits for the winner of the race.

AI has already replaced multiple professions... The sad part is, this is just the beginning if we continue to let AI run wild without regulations and goverance.

AI-driven Disempowerment Affects ALL Industries

[Replaced] Visual Artists & Graphic Designers

[Replaced] Copywriters, Ghost Writers

[Steadily Replacing] Drivers (taxi / bus / tow truck / trucks)

[Partially Displaced] Vocal Artists

[Partially Displaced] Legal Assistants

[Partially Displaced] HR Departments

Has Your Professional Association or Union Talked to an Expert about How AI Can Affect Your Work?

Whether you already have someone in-house or need a second opinion, StakeOut.AI offers tailored advising for specialized support and/or custom group talks/webinars, focusing on your specific industry and workplace. Connect with us to start a conversation today.

"union needs to push for more protection with AI!!"

validated my fears about ratifying the sag deal. Incredibly informative. The union needs to push for more protection with AI!!

- Stephanie H.

"I wonder if sagaftra had an AI expert as a consultant during the negotiations"

I found it to be so invaluable to bring an expert to expose us on all the possibilities (known and unknown) about how AI create can impact not only Hollywood but globally. The biggest lesson I learned is that Hollywood is a consumer-based industry so AI a definite tool to create open source content where everyone and everything will be used without knowledge and permission. I wonder if sagaftra had an AI expert as a consultant during the negotiations.

- David G.

Supported or Acquired Signatories for the Following Open Letters and Petitions

The Global Grassroots United Front against AI risks has also initiated an online petition

The biggest difference between our Global Grassroots United Front online petition compared to other petitions is that we aim to moblize a large-scale grassroots movement against dangerous AI with the help of the international public. History has shown when people band together, we can effect change. Our goal is reaching over 1,100,000 signatures. We believe this is a number international governments can no longer ignore and will 

AI Treaty Open Letter


Hannah Styles


Hannah Styles


Hannah Styles


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