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Right AI Laws, to Right Our Future
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Sign AI Safety Petitions for Safe AI Laws & Regulations

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In addressing AI risks, which affect every human in every industry, of every age, and in every location, we need everyone to get involved in raising awareness. Your voice matters – sign today!

Take 59 Seconds to Sign, Make an Immeasurable Impact Beyond This Generation

Safeguard your family from pressing AI risks—a threat so substantial, world leaders and experts equate it to the devastation of NUCLEAR WARS. Support and sign by clicking on each of the petition images/buttons below (a new window will open for each petition).

We know your time is precious, so we've streamlined the process for you:

(a) Simply read the
short 'petition summary'
(b) Quickly add your signature
(c) You've just ignited substantial change

superintelligence petition
halt deepfakes petition
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The #WeStakeOutAI Petitions Have Gathered 378 Signatures and Counting.

Add Your Signatures Today!

Of all #WeStakeOutAI initiatives, the most critical petition to sign is the one aiming to ban superintelligence AI

This is because, despite all efforts and successes in influencing the right laws to mitigate issues like financial scams, underage deepfake pornography, privacy invasions, job displacements, and more, it would all be futile if we permitted the creation of uncontrollable superintelligence AI.

Our petitions are hosted on Change.org

a trusted, and the world's largest platform where more than 523 million people in 196 countries have started or signed petitions, creating change

If a 74-year-old #WeStakeOutAI advocate can contribute with mouse clicks, so can you!

Every click and every signature lead to significant change. Whether you're a student, working professional, or retired, your signature shows governments that real people care about AI laws.

Join our diverse community in shaping the future of AI regulation. Together, let's transform concern into impactful change.

Get Your Friends and Family Involved


Did you know the most successful petition starters share their petition 6 times or more?

This tip was provided to us by the Change.org team. However, what they don't know is that we are striving to achieve the highest number of signatures ever recorded on Change.org.

This is because the risks associated with AI are unprecedented, and we need millions of people to sign in order to truly capture the attention of governments and urge them to regulate AI.

So, we need your help. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share this page (use any social sharing buttons on StakeOut.AI & your referrals will be automatically credited to you).

To make it easier, here is a template you can edit to make it your own. Please then share it on your socials, or with friends and family via email or text:

“I’m writing this because this is something I care about deeply and it won’t happen without the support of people like you.

Sharing a petition isn’t something I would normally do, but I was moved to do so because (add what you are trying to change and personal connection). I know I’m not alone and together we can make this change happen. Please sign and share!"

Worried about bothering your friends, colleagues or family?

Remember, this is humanity's fight against AI risks.

The fact that you're
passionate about this cause likely means many others are too.

Sharing the links isn't just about asking for signatures; it's about uniting with those who share your values and concerns. Together, we can make a significant impact!

All www.StakeOut.AI social sharing buttons automatically attach your unique referral code for you. Just add your email to get the credit you deserve on the public recognition wall. Read more on #WeStakeOutAI points and how to refer friends as an AI Safey advocate here.

Petitions don’t grow support and win overnight. Often people don’t sign because they didn’t see a post or get distracted. So it makes a huge difference if each of us take a few minutes to share in as many places as possible.

Remember that friends, neighbors, colleagues and family can be very willing to help as AI risks and threats affect their families too!

Ask them if they can share on social media, make a video on why they are signing, comment, hang flyers or posters with QR codes, or recruit their networks.

Are you connected to any of these communities who will sign AND share?

Please considering sharing this page to one or more of these channels:

Online Forums: NextDoor, Reddit groups, parent/school forums, etc.

Community Influencers: nonprofits, clubs, community leaders

Decision Maker Social Media: Comment on their social media posts to get support from people THEY care about

Here is an example of what you can post today:

“(Add your decision maker) needs to act now! If they don’t (add what will happen if the petition doesn’t win) and we can’t let that happen.

I'm sharing this petition because I knew if we all came together we could make (what you are asking for) happen!

Please take just a minute to sign and share today! ​#WeStakeOutAI"

Talk about it on your lunch breaks

AI is inevitably going to come up in workplace conversations since AI has already replaced numerous jobs. So, bring up AI safety and these petitions


These discussions will help raise awareness

about the ethical and safety concerns associated with AI, encourages informed debate, and helps in understanding the global impact of this technology.


Each conversation is a step towards a more informed and ethically aware workplace, directly contributing to how we as a society manage and regulate AI.


Your voice in this matter is vital; it helps pave the way for a safer and more ethical AI future.

​Please sign & help spread the word today!

Would you recommend StakeOut.AI to professionals in other industries or unions concerned about AI impacting their careers, and why?

"quick, clear updates & highlights shared"

Yes. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to start. I appreciate the quick, clear updates & highlights shared.

- Joanna Moznette

"answers and insights you provide are honest"

Yes. You are helping to demystify this stuff and not having a stake in the Hollywood side of things means to me that the answers and insights you provide are honest and true and not skewed to favoring one side or another.

- Rochelle Robinson

"team is deeply knowledgeable in several areas, rather than hyper-focusing on only one faction"

Without a doubt. The team is deeply knowledgeable in several areas, rather than hyper-focusing on only one faction. I understand risks and AI potential better.

- J Cuevas

"recommend StakeOut.AI due to its expertise"

Yes, I would certainly recommend StakeOut.AI due to its expertise and shared concerns.

- Rebecca Jensen Uesugi

"important to have people who are informed on AI"

Yes, because I think it’s important to have people who are informed on AI a part of your team.

- Samantha Nelson-Philipp

"need to know the immediate impact in order to prepare"

Yes, AI cuts workflow in half phases out professions. People need to know the immediate impact in order to prepare.

- David Goodloe

"recommend StakeOut.AI to professionals concerned about AI"

Yes, I would recommend StakeOut.AI to professionals concerned about AI so they can gain more insight about what could happen in the future.

- Lateisha P.

"very compelling and revealing"

I would. Given the information that has been shared, it is very compelling and revealing. It could encourage others to be on the lookout and take action.  I hope that this information becomes more widespread and will lead us to a future with more certainty over AI, it's use and effects over our lives.

- Jacob Prado

"multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions"

Yes, I believe StakeOut.AI is doing well to take a multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions by involving actors, lawyers (Amy) and AI researchers (Dr. Park).

- David W.


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