Join the HALT Deepfakes Movement: Protect Our Elections from Voter Manipulation

Deepfakes are not YET illegal...

Become Part of the Movement That Fights for Election Integrity and Informed Voting

Can we really combat the sophisticated misuse of AI in political manipulation? Is it too late to shield our democratic processes from deepfake technologies? Absolutely not! The HALT Deepfakes Movement is rallying communities worldwide to safeguard democracy.

  • Advocate for Robust Laws: We need strict legislation targeting creators and sharers of political deepfakes. Introducing severe penalties can help deter misuse, shut down misinformation platforms, and hold offenders accountable.
  • ​Address Misinformation at Its Roots and Ban Deepfakes: Beyond personal invasion or security threats, deepfakes have been weaponized against electoral integrity—misleading voters and undermining trust in public institutions. It’s crucial we act decisively against these dangers.
  • Strength in Numbers: You're not alone. Together, by raising awareness and rallying support, we can combat election-targeted deepfakes effectively. Stand united with us—for truth will triumph.

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Deepfakes are not illegal.

Deepfakes are easier to create than ever before.

Deepfakes are easier to spread than ever before, and they know how to use AI to target ads at you.

But you can help change all this. ​Together, we can ban deepfakes.

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#HaltDeepfakes stands for Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes. Join the fight if you believe in defending personal rights, public trust, and democratic values from AI-generated falsehoods aimed at manipulating voters and global citizens.


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