Attention: Voters and Concerned Citizens

Join the HALT Deepfakes Movement to Safeguard Our Democratic Processes from Voter Manipulation

Demand Legal measures to regulate OR ban deepfake technology 

Take action now to protect our democracy and prevent manipulation of public opinion by stopping the spread of deepfake content that distorts political realities.

Dear voters & advocates for free and fair elections,

Have you wondered...

How can voters shield themselves from the influence of deepfake content designed to manipulate elections?

What steps can I take to raise awareness about the impact of deepfakes on democratic processes and educate others on how to discern real news from manipulated content?

Are there existing laws or regulations in place that address the creation and distribution of politically motivated deepfake videos?

Imagine a future where voters can trust what they see online, where democracy is not undermined by artificial intelligence. The "Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes" Movement (#HaltDeepfakes) is here to empower you in advocating for stronger legal frameworks that deter malicious use of deepfake technology in politics.

Discover how our ban deepfake campaign will will reinforce electoral integrity, ensuring informed decisions free from deceit.

By joining the HALT Deepfakes Movement, you will:

  • Advocate for stricter regulation against politically motivated deepfakes
  • Regain collective assurance with laws deterring election interference through digital falsehoods
  • Restore faith in our democratic system among citizens
  • Eliminate deceptive practices endangering voter autonomy
  • Protect your right as a citizen to make informed choices without fear

Take action now and join #HaltDeepfakes Movement's charge towards preserving electoral fairness. United, we have power—let's ensure a secure voting environment for ourselves and future generations.


Together, we can halt misleading representations in politics via AI-generated media. Achieving this safeguards justice within democracy.

A ban on manipulative uses of deepfake technology would hold those accountable who seek to distort reality for political gain.

​Strict regulations targeting creators/distributors of false political narratives via deepfakes will enforce significant penalties; eradicating platforms facilitating misinformation.

They want us feeling isolated—powerless—but by raising public awareness & amassing support against misuse, we can build a strong community that is informed, vigilant, and ready to protect our democratic values from the threats posed by deepfake technology.

Join us—in unity lies victory!

Become part of this crucial movement today; stand firm against threats posed by political exploitation through AI Deepfakes

Connect with fellow defenders striving towards an untainted democratic process. Get involved today!


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