Attention: Dedicated Teachers, Educators and School Administrators

Protect Our Students with the #HaltDeepfakes Movement

Create Safe Spaces Online & Offline - Join the Fight Against Underage Deepfake Pornography

With deepfake technology escalating, it's urgent we unite to defend our students' integrity and well-being against AI-generated explicit content and deepfake pornography targeting minors.

Dear Educators,

Are you alarmed by the rise of deepfake pornography, particularly its targeting towards minors?

Does the thought of your students being vulnerable to such exploitation keep you up at night?

Are you eager to lead change and ensure the safety of all under your guidance?

Imagine a school environment where every student is secure from this invasive threat. The "Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes" Movement (#HaltDeepfakes) aims to empower teachers like you to collaborate with parents, law enforcement, and others affected by deepfake technology. This collaboration is essential in preventing financial scams, blackmail, deepfake pornography, and fake videos that mislead the public, among other issues.

Discover how our ban deepfake campaign will safeguard your students from emotional trauma, potential social stigma, distress caused by malicious deepfake content and safeguard their futures.

By joining the HALT Deepfakes Movement, you will:

  • Advocate for greater regulation and protection against deepfake pornography
  • Reinforcing our youth’s resilience against online threats
  • Shield your students from the irreversible damage to their reputation
  • Eradicate (potentially) the presence of underage deepfake pornography
  • Avoid compromising your students' safety

Take action now and join the #HaltDeepfakes Movement to protect your students from the harmful effects of deepfake pornography. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer world for our the future generation.


Together, we can put a stop to deepfake images and videos, and protect the innocence of young girls everywhere. They already have to deal with insecurities about their bodies during puberty, not to mention the constant bombardment from tv and magazines that diminishes their self-image if they don't look a certain way.

You no longer have to feel helpless about preventing your students from being targeted by deepfake pornography - we can end it together.

Join the cause now and Take a stand against the threat of Underage deepfake pornography 

Your students' safety are worth fighting for. Get involved today!


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