Teachers & Educators: Lead the Charge Against Underage Deepfakes #HaltDeepfakes

We're navigating through an era where technological advancements have outpaced legal frameworks, leaving our youth vulnerably exposed in uncharted digital territories. As custodians of young minds and their well-being, we confront a burgeoning threat: underage deepfake pornography.

Deepfakes are not YET illegal... The Time to Act is Now

Underage deepfakes are not just an invasion of privacy; they're an assault on innocence and dignity.

These digitally manipulated violations can have long-lasting psychological impacts on young lives. But together, we have the power to combat this threat head-on. Join the #HaltDeepfakes movement today!

  • Address the problem at the root and ban it: AI deepfake technologies has caused more harm than benefits in our society (deepfake pornography, identify theft, political manipulation, security threats and etc.)​.

  • Policy Reinforcement: Strengthen your institution's stance against digital exploitation with robust policies and protocols.
  • United Front for Justice: Collaborate with parents and law enforcement to ensure perpetrators face deserved consequences.
  • Educational Empowerment: Champion comprehensive education focused on consent and cyber-safety among students.​

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Unfortunately, "deepfake images [and videos] while explicit and outrageous, are not illegal [...] creating a fake image even if it is sexually explicit is not a criminal offense."

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#HaltDeepfakes stands for Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes. Join the fight if you believe in advocating for changes in legislation and policies to address the proliferation of deepfake pornography and to hold perpetrators accountable for exploiting minors.

​Together, we no longer have to feel helpless against this tide, but rather can become empowered protectors, advocating diligently within our communities. Together, we can establish effective preventative measures to safeguard our students from being targeted for deepfake pornography. Join us today!


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