ONLINE MEETING with Rep. Ted Lieu's office...

Ted Lieu is one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in AI

An important event especially for actors, performers, musicians  & entertainers concerned about the impact of AI on their personal and professional lives (this is not an official SAG-AFTRA event)

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to share your concerns about AI with Rep. Ted Lieu's office. This can influence the implementation of the right AI laws, positively impacting you, your family, and your industry.

Congressman Ted Lieu represents California’s 36th district, and is the co-chair of the U.S. House bipartisan AI task force

Date: Feb 29th, 2024

Time: 3pm Eastern Standard Time

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TIME reports that Congressman Lieu is

“one of just three out of 535 members of Congress with a computer-science degree.”

Transcript of the above video on Congressman Lieu's stance on AI:

  • As a recovering computer science major, I'm fascinated with AI and all the good things that's going to do for society. It can also cause harm, and I think that's why it's important that we have regulations and laws that allow AI to innovate but prevent avoidable harms and put in guardrails.
  • ​People have called AI the fourth Industrial Revolution. It is here; we need to prepare for it.
  • And I think we need to do more to educate both members as well as the American public.
  • So, my analogy is, it'd be like the horse-drawn wagon right now, in terms of where we are, which has been disruptive to society, but it's going to become essentially a jet airplane with a personality in just a few years.
  • That's why I have proposed a national AI commission. It is a bipartisan and Blue Ribbon commission... That would convene experts and have a transparent process.
  • ​It's got to be transparent; people need to know what we know.
  • Now, I'm working on this issue to make sure that when the Department of Defense has a class of automated weapons, which they do now, that we never let AI take control of automated nuclear weapons because we always have to have a human in the loop.
  • And I want the American people to understand that AI is not a human being; it is a tool, and we want to make sure that we can use this tool to benefit society, not harm society.

Authored a New York Times op-ed: "I'm a Congressman Who Codes, and AI Freaks Me Out."

StakeOut.AI has set up a meeting with Rep. Ted Lieu's office to provide an opportunity for you to share your concerns about AI.



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