Attention: Concerned Parents and Guardians

Join the HALT Deepfakes Movement to Protect Your Daughters

Don't let your CHILD become a victim of deepfake technology. 

Take action now to protect her privacy and reputation from the growing threat of AI-generated pornography and explicit sexual content.

Dear Parent and Guardians,

Are you concerned about the growing threat of deepfake pornography targeting young girls?

Are you worried about the increasing threat of deepfake pornography targeting your daughter?

Do you want to take action and prevent further victimization?

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your daughter is safe from this invasive and harmful activity. The "Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes" Movement (#HaltDeepfakes) is here to help you advocate for stricter laws and protection measures to shield your daughter from the dangers of deepfake pornography.

Discover how our ban deepfake campaign will safeguard your daughter from emotional trauma, potential social stigma, and distress caused by malicious deepfake content.

By joining the HALT Deepfakes Movement, you will:

  • Advocate for greater regulation and protection against deepfake pornography
  • Restore your daughter's sense of security
  • Shield your child from the irreversible damage to her reputation
  • Eradicate (potentially) the presence of deepfake pornography
  • Avoid compromising your daughter's safety

Take action now and join the #HaltDeepfakes Movement to protect your daughter from the harmful effects of deepfake pornography. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer world for our children.


Together, we can put a stop to deepfake images and videos, and protect the innocence of young girls everywhere. They already have to deal with insecurities about their bodies during puberty, not to mention the constant bombardment from tv and magazines that diminishes their self-image if they don't look a certain way.

Don't let yourself feel helpless in protecting your daughter from deepfake pornography any longer.

Join the cause now and Take a stand against the threat of non-consensual deepfake pornography 

Your daughter's safety is worth fighting for. Get involved today!


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