Protect Your Daughter's Reputation and Privacy with the HALT Deepfakes Movement

Deepfakes are not YET illegal...

Join the #HaltDeepfakes Movement to Take Action and Protect Your Daughter's Well-Being

Let's Put an End to Deepfake Pornography and Shield Your Daughter from Potential Harm

  • Address the problem at the root and ban it. AI deepfake technologies has caused more harm than benefits in our society (deepfake pornography, identify theft, political manipulation, security threats and etc.)​.
  • Prevent victimization of your daughter by deepfake pornography and the irreversible damage to her reputation.
  • Act Now to put a stop to deepfake images and videos, and protect the innocence of young girls everywhere. They already have to deal with insecurities about their bodies during puberty, not to mention the constant bombardment from tv and magazines that diminishes their self-image if they don't look a certain way.

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Unfortunately, "deepfake images [and videos] while explicit and outrageous, are not illegal [...] creating a fake image even if it is sexually explicit is not a criminal offense."

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#HaltDeepfakes stands for Hinder, Abolish, and Limit the Threat of Deepfakes. Join the fight if you believe in safeguarding yourself and our loved ones from the real threats posed by deepfake technologies.


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